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We're delivering 300 meals every week.

The cafe


Canons Farm Kitchen has been a bakery and cafe on Cann Hall Road for around 50 years. It has always served as a space for the community and with our involvement it will long continue to be part of this wonderful community. It is a small cafe, holding around 25 covers, selling freshly baked bread and a selection of Sausage and vegan rolls, cakes and sweet treats, salads and wholesome meals, all made by our wonderful team of volunteers.

Our goal is to create a community cafe for Cann Hall in collaboration with Food For The Forest and other charitable organisations in and around the Borough. The Farm will be for the community by the community, feeding those in our ward who live with the daily struggle of providing for themselves and their families, and facing new life challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our track record


Between May and September 2020, over 1,800 meals were delivered to Cann Hall residents who were otherwise unable to feed themselves. This service was created and operated by Cann Hall Mutual Aid and Food For The Forest. Right now, we're providing around 300 meals per week, cooked in the cafe's kitchen and delivered via the same network of over 50 active volunteers. By opening the cafe to the public, everything we sell will contribute to this cause.

How you can help


Using the model of Mutual Aid, we welcome anyone who would like to donate funds, produce, or their time and skills to:

  • help us to run the cafe

  • work at the cafe or in the kitchen

  • help collect surplus food from around the Borough

  • deliver our free meals or shopping to the residents in need

  • anything else that might come in handy.

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